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At Twister Piling Inc. our first priority is providing a safe environment for our staff, contractors, and customers. We pride ourselves on conducting business in a manner that prioritizes the protection of the public and the environment while providing and training our crews in maintaining a safe environment in-house and on location. We have broken our Safety Standards into 3 main pillars; Safety Principles, Safety Record, and Safety Culture.

Safety Principles

All Twister Piling Inc. employees undergo a series of comprehensive training sessions including orientations and training in WHMIS, CSTS, First Aid, and H2S among others. We conduct daily safety meetings adhering to 2 fundamentals safety principles.

1. All Accidents Are Preventable

We believe all accident related injuries and most occupational illnesses are preventable.

2. No Repeat Occurrences

Reportable accidents and high potential near-misses are investigated to determine what and why. All necessary steps are then taken to prevent an unfortunate repeat performance.

Safety Record

Twister Piling Inc. is vigorously committed to the health and safety of our staff as well as the general public. Our safety practices and procedures comply with all legislated regulations and safety standards thanks to continual job related safety awareness, training and professional development.

Safety Culture

Our Safety Principles define our culture, safety behaviour and performance standards. In so doing, these principles assist us in elimination of injuries in our facility, in transit and on the job sites.


Twister Piling Inc. works with a handful of industry associations that are dedicated to quality assurance and work place safety. We hold memberships with associations such as Comply Works, ISNet, ACSA, Canadian Construction Association, Avetta, and more.

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