Twister Piling Inc. is committed to minimizing the environmental affect. We make it our priority to ensure our staff safeguards the environment by making every reasonable effort at every location to consciously reduce the environmental impact we may cause.

The Environmental Impact of Helical Piles

Helical Piles are cleaner and more environmentally conscious then other foundation solutions (such as concrete). One major environmental benefit to using helical piles is they produce significantly less green house gas emissions. Helical piles do not require concrete therefore the CO2 emissions that go with each stage of concrete production, such as hoarding, reheating, extra equipment, etc., are decreased. During the installation of helical piles, the tailings are either eliminated or greatly minimized compared to a complete concrete foundation. Helical piles are removable with minimal environmental impact.

Eco & Worksite Friendly

Helical Pile Installations provide the opportunity to leave your worksite environmentally sound by causing no de-vegetation, ground displacement or soil erosion. Helical piles offer a greater response in shallow depths and compared to conventional foundations are both easier and faster to install and remove. Furthermore, Helical Pile Installations offer high compressive and uplift capacities, are better sited to limited access areas, and more efficient in frozen or swampy soil.

Vibration Free

Helical pile installation is virtually vibration-free. Installations in urban areas are more socially favourable, minimizing irate neighbour inducing noise as well as the ground-shaking vibrations of conventional installations that can damage nearby structures and equipment.

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