Frequently Asked Questions

What are Pilings and what is a Screw Pile?

Steel screw piles are made from stell pipe with one or more helical flights or blades welded on. Screw piles are installed using a powerful motor that rotates the pile allowing its propeller-like blades to pull it deep into the ground. Multiple tubes are used to create a collection of precisely positioned piles, call pilings, which provide a load-bearing foundation.

Who is responsible for Pile Layout?

Upon agreement, Twister Piling Inc. hires experienced surveyors to prepare piling layouts and then reviews each one to ensure its accordance its accordance with the project's planned construction. Ultimately, however, the final layout is the responsibility of the general contractor.

Are rocks always a problem?

In many instance difficulties caused by rocky obstructions, gravel, cobble and even boulders can be avoided. The strength of the pile and the torque applied to it during installation will usually break up most debris. Some will pass through the pitch of the helix, others will simply be pushed out of the way.

Can frost "Jack" the pile?

A correctly installed helical pile will not "frost jack". TPI ensures the pile and blade or helix is embedded well below the frost-line during installation, which resists the uplift force from the frost.

What engineering service do you provide?

Twister Piling Inc. provides manufacturing and install services for helical piles. We contract professional engineers in a third party capacity for design services and other customer requests.

What applications are best sutied to Helical Screw Piles?

Heilcal Screw Piles are an appropriate solution for many commercial, industrial or residential projects, especially those that need to be installed in less than ideal soil conditions. TPI has successfully installed screw pile foundations for portable buildings, shops, work camps, pump jacks, and much more.

How close to pin marks will piles be installed?

Twister Piling Inc. installs it's screw piles as close to the prescribed pin marks or placement positions as possible. Piles are occasionally offset by a number of inches to avoid immovable obstructions such as large rocks or buried concrete which might cause an unwanted deflection.

Does Installation cause any serious site disturbances?

There is minimal site disturbance with helical screw piles during installation. Unlike the disruptive auguring required for conventional piles, there are few scattered tailings to collect and remove. Once screw piles are installed, construction can begin immediately - unlike concrete piles which require many hours of post-installation curing.

Does Twister Piling have a Safety Program?

Twister Piling is COR certified for safety. TPI is also CWB certified and fully insured through the Alberta Workers Compensation Board.

Do you provide any Warranties or Guarantees?

Yes, Twister Piling Inc. provides a one-year warranty on pile installations plus lifetime warranties on original installs

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