Commercial Building

TPI adapts screw pile size, length, diameter and helix to accommodate any projects or foundation requirements. Supporting loads in excess of 200 KIPS, helical screw piles are designed, tested and proven for commercial building in expansive or corrosive soils, high water tables and fill areas. 

Industrial Facilities

Our third party geotechnical services identify the most efficient approach to any subsurface task. In the active and often hazardous environments in and around industrial development sites, TPI monitors and controls the torque applied during pile installation thus allowing faster, more efficient foundation expansions while helping our clients save time, productivity and profits. 

Oil and Gas Pipelines

Variable pile sizes and capacities are ideal for precision pipeline installations. TPI's third party engineers design helical piles to match load requirements, soil conditions and available site access. To control buoyancy over marshes and wetlands, helical anchors are the practical alternatives to cumbersome concrete weights

Remote Locations

Helical screw piles are rapidly becoming the foundation of choice for remote, environmentally sensitive, temporary, flooded or poor soil condition construction sites. When remote locations or camps require termination or relocation, TPI designs the interface to allow ready screw pile removal and reinstallation.

Residential and Recreational

Helical Screw Piles are perfect for grade beams, garage pads and concrete slabs. Twister Piling Inc. (TPI) verifies load obtained during installation with equipment sufficiently compact to fit most any residential or recreational application. With ease of installation and minimal site disturbance our helical screw piles are ideal for both residential and recreational foundations.

Retaining Walls

Choosing the right screw pile is essential when installing or reinforcing retaining walls and their foundations. While concrete anchors can be expensive, labour intensive and time consuming, helical piles allow a more efficient use of time and resources while providing optimum support and soil stabilization. 
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